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Cunningham Creek School Advisory Council

Meeting Dates

The proposed dates are as follows:

3:05 pm in the Media Center

September 12th

October 10th

November 14th

December 12th

January 16th

February 13th

March 19th

April 9th

May 14th



To assist the principal:

  • In preparing the annual School Improvement Plan and to subsequently evaluate the results of that plan.
  • With the annual school budget.

SAC is one way that parents can voice their concerns to the administration.

The root of effective school improvement is data-driven decision making. The process is fairly simple and straight forward:

  1. The SAC reviews relevant data, which includes but is not limited to state assessment data, progress monitoring, locally developed test scores, climate surveys, attendance records, discipline records, and other feedback as appropriate.
  2. From this information, SAC identifies problem areas, develops improvement strategies, monitors their implementation, reflects on progress, and then starts the whole process over when the next round of data is available.

The SAC also maintains its own budget. Our SAC is proud to have funded many worthwhile endeavors here at CCE! We also have a voice in how our school disburses monies received from the Florida A+ School Recognition Program.

The CCE SAC Team
eagerly welcomes input and collaboration with all who are interested in increasing student achievement at Cunningham Creek! We are a very active team of individuals interested in the well being of Cunningham Creek students.

By Florida law, SAC is constructed to represent all segments of a school’s community – parents, teachers, administrators, support staff, business people, and other interested community members. All members are elected by their respective group before the first meeting.

The SAC meets on the second Tuesday of most months at 3:05 PM (see the schedule at left). SAC members are encouraged to bring forth issues and offer suggestions toward improving our school at each meeting. Council agendas, minutes, and notices for meetings are posted in the main hallway of our school, on our school marquee and on this webpage.

SAC operates in accordance with the “Sunshine Law” and anyone can attend any SAC meeting. If you have a question, concern, or suggestion for the continued improvement of our excellent school, please contact one of your SAC representatives. We are here to serve as your voice. We would love to hear your ideas as we are

“Building Leaders and Leaving a Legacy”


To work in a collaborative relationship with all stakeholders at CCE to advise the school administration on ways to improve the education, academic achievement, and safety of all students.

The SAC will accomplish its mission by:

  • Encouraging participation by all stakeholders
  • Respecting the opinions offered by all participants
  • Building a partnership between school and home and community that encourages mutual communication
  • Assisting the school with the creation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP)
  • Approving the School Recognition Funds dispersal
  • Assisting the school with the implementation of the SIP through the funding of relevant initiatives
  • Incorporating business partnership opportunities
  • Fulfilling other relevant requirements as requested by school administration


2023 – 2024

Agendas Minutes Other
CCE SAC Agenda September 12 SAC Meeting Notes 9_12 Cunningham Creek Bylaws 2023-24
CCE SAC Agenda October 10th October 10th SAC Minutes
CCE SAC Agenda November 7 2023 November Minutes
CCE SAC Agenda December 12 2023 December Minutes
CCE SAC Agenda January 16 2024 SAC January
CCE SAC Agenda Febuary 13 2024 (1) February SAC


2022 – 2023
CCE SAC Agenda September 13 SAC Minutes September 2022 CCES SAC proposed By-Laws for 22-23
CCE SAC Agenda October 11 SAC-October CCE SAC Propose Meeting Dates SY 22-23
CCE SAC Agenda November 8 SAC November Minutes
CCE SAC Agenda December 13 SAC Dec. Minutes
CCE SAC Agenda January 10 SAC Meeting Minutes January 11
CCE SAC Agenda February 14 SAC Feb. Minutes
CCE SAC Agenda March 7 CCE SAC Agenda March 7
CCE SAC Agenda April 11 SAC April Minutes
CCE SAC Agenda May 9th SAC May 9

2021- 2022




Agenda 9-14

Cunningham Creek SAC Agenda 10-12

Cunningham Creek November SAC Agenda

Cunningham Creek December Agenda

Cunningham Creek SAC Agenda January

Cunningham Creek SAC Agenda February

Cunningham Creek March SAC Agenda

Cunningham Creek April SAC Agenda

Cunningham Creek SAC Agenda May

SAC Minutes September 2021

October SAC meeting minutes

SAC Mtg Minutes Nov

December SAC Meeting

SAC January Minutes

SAC Minutes February

April 26 SAC Notes

May SAC Minutes 

CCES SAC proposed By-Laws for 21-22



Agendas Minutes Other
 Agenda 10.5.2020 SAC Minutes 10.5.20 CCES SAC By-Laws for 20-21
Agenda 11.2.2020 SAC Minutes 11.2.20 2021 CCES School Plan
SAC Minutes 2.8.21
SAC Minutes 3.21SAC Minutes 3.21


Agendas Minutes Other

SAC agenda 19-20 September

SAC agenda 19-20 October 10

SAC agenda 19-20 November 14

SAC Minutes 09122019 Cunningham Creek Elementary

SAC Minutes 10102019 Cunningham Creek Elementary

CCES SAC By-Laws adopted for 19-20


Agendas Minutes Other


Agendas Minutes Other


Agendas Minutes Other