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Faculty and Staff


Ms. O’Connell Principal
Ms. Yeoman Assistant Principal
Mr. Barnes Assistant Principal

Office Staff and School Support

Ms. Stobe Secretary/Bookkeeper
Ms. Dickey Data Operator Website
Ms. Dobbins Guidance Counselor
Ms. Ritchie Instructional Literacy Coach
Ms. Arkin Social Worker
TBA Mental Health Counselor
Ms. Wood Psychologist
Mr. Stone Technology Support
Mr. Whitfield Maintenance Manager
Ms. Hutzel Cafeteria Manager Website
Ms. Schneider Front Office Clerk
Ms. Prosser Front Office Clerk
Ms. Dennis School Nurse

Prekindergarten Team

Ms. Grover PreK Teacher
Ms. Atter PreK Teacher
Ms. Smith PreK Teacher
Ms. Sree PreK Teacher
Ms. Osborne PreK Teacher

Kindergarten Team

Ms. Hamilton Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Jacobs Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Miller Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Sciarratta Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. McCullom Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Ramos Kindergarten Teacher

First Grade Team

Ms. Piagno First Grade Teacher
Ms. Martin First Grade Teacher
Ms. Patterson First Grade Teacher
Ms. Oswalt First Grade Teacher
Ms. Breslin First Grade Teacher

Second Grade Team

Mr. Jacobs Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Fuata Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Keough Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Pertile Second Grade Teacher
Mr. Harrison Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Adler Second Grade Teacher

Third Grade Team

Ms. Carter Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Bell Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Putko Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Brown Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Tilsworth Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Grossman Third Grade Teacher

Fourth Grade Team

Ms. Brandenburg Fourth Grade Teacher
Ms. Culbreth Fourth Grade Teacher
Ms. Olesiak Fourth Grade Teacher
Mr. Vanlandingham Fourth Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade Team

Ms. Chaparro Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Buchanan-Picone Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Cracknell Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. McCrohan Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Yarbrough Fifth Grade Teacher

ESE/Instructional Support

Ms. Goodwin ACCESS
Ms. Musseau GEB
Ms. Paredes GEB
Ms. Donohue GEB
Ms. Stuart Support Facilitation
Ms. Bailey Support Facilitation
Ms. Fowler ACCESS
Mr. Black GEB
Ms. Baracz Occupational Therapy
Ms. Brooks Physical Therapist
Ms. Ussin Adaptive Technology
Ms. Mayer Itinerant Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Speech Pathologists

Ms. Dutton, M.S.CCC-SLP
Ms. O’Meara, M.S.CCC-SLP
Ms. Butrimas, M.S.CCC-SLP
Ms. Hughes, M.S.CCC-SLP


Ms. Mcleod Art Teacher
Mr. Mickley Physical Education Teacher
Ms. Tutten Media Specialist
Ms. Turner Media Clerk
Ms. Kim Music Teacher

Extended Day

Ms. Mullen Extended Day Director Website
Ms. Horne Extended Day Teacher
Ms. Madsen Extended Day Teacher
Ms. Schneider Extended Day Teacher
Ms. Ramos Extended Day Teacher

Little Cardinals Nest

Ms. Thompson Coordinator Website
Ms. Brown
Ms. Sodovsky
Ms. Houser
Ms. McKeon
Ms. Lease