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Food Allergies

Food Allergies

Allergic reactions to foods vary among students and can range from mild to severe life threatening anaphylactic reactions.  Some students, who are very sensitive, may react to just touching or inhaling the allergen.  The severity of a reaction is not predictable. Because there is a cumulative effect from past exposures to an allergen, the severity of a future exposure cannot be predicted.

Protecting a student from exposure to offending allergens is the most important way to prevent life-threatening anaphylaxis.   Most anaphylactic reactions occur when a child is accidentally exposed to a substance to which he/she is allergic, such as foods, medicines, insects, and latex. Avoidance is the key to preventing a reaction.

If you have been notified that there is a student in your child’s classroom, designated as a Peanut Aware Classroom, with a food allergy, please take this into consideration when preparing daily snacks for your child. For snack time only nut free snacks are allowed in the classroom.

Parents who send a lunch from home for their child are free to pack the foods of their choice.  It is our hope that families CHOOSE not to send foods containing peanut butter or nuts for lunch.

There will be no classroom projects with peanut butter, peanut shells or nuts.  Please do not send any of these projects into the classroom with your child.

If you are sending in any type of classroom party treats, please notify the teacher in advance.  These items must be nut free and store bought with an ingredients label. No homemade products may be brought to CCE. Carefully read the label that the treats conform to the above statement.