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The school district follows the State and County Health Department guidelines regarding the treatment for lice/nits (eggs) and school exclusion. Any time a student shows evidence of head lice, either with the presence of live lice or the presence of nits, the student will be excluded from school until treatment is complete and the student is nit free.

The nurse can provide assistance with instruction as needed for proper treatment and also what needs to be done in the home. Florida is an area with known resistance to over-the-counter Pediculicides, so parents should contact their pediatrician for treatment with a prescription medication or seek treatment at a lice removal company.

Upon return, the student must be brought to the clinic before the start of school by an adult to be cleared to return to class. If there is evidence of live lice or nits at that time, the process of exclusion and treatment is repeated.

Letters will be sent home informing parents if lice/nits are found in the classroom so that you may check your child at home.

If you discover lice/nits please inform your teacher and the clinic so that we may check the classroom.

Be proactive:  Check your child’s head and hair on a regular basis or if they are scratching or complaining of itching to the head.