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Objection to Resources

We welcome and appreciate parental involvement in the selection of their students’ media center choices.  We strive to provide materials that are of the highest quality and include a wide variety of genres, topics, and interests; however, we understand that not every item may be right for every student or family.  If parents choose to restrict a student’s access to specific titles, they may contact the media center at any time for an alert to be placed on the student’s media center account indicating the titles may not be checked out.  If a parent wishes to restrict their student’s access to ONLY specific titles, they may do so by utilizing the form HERE.  If a parent or member of the community wishes to object to any material used for instruction or available in a school media center, that may be done using the form HERE.  Finally, a parent or member of the community may request a review of any material in our media center by clicking the link to the right.