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VPK Information


Cunningham Creek VPK

Our VPK program is a 5 day program.  Our VPK classes are blended with 4 to 5 VPK students and 14 pre-K students, ages 3-5, who have identified needs through our ESE program.

Eligible VPK students are to be positive role models for the other students.  We like to encourage our VPK to be leaders as they get ready for Kindergarten.  We give preference to our families that request the full day program (the school day is from 8:25am to 2:45 pm) and there is currently a $80/week charge for full day, due prior to services being received.

Please confirm if you would like your student to be added to our wait list. You can email Angela Dickey at [email protected].

We will need:

  • Your student’s first and last name,
  • If you are requesting the full day program, and
  • Your home zone school. (You do not have to be zoned for CCE to be eligible.).

The school will know how many VPK seats are available sometime before the end of the current school year.  We will contact you to register once we have the number of available seats in our program.  Because of the high demand for the VPK program, we recommend that you have a contingency plan.

You must apply and receive your VPK voucher before you can register with the school.  You can apply for the voucher at (They also have a provider list.)

We look forward to hearing from you.