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Hamilton Teacher Bio

       All About Mrs. Hamilton

         What a blessing it is to go to school every day.  I never say I am going to work because even I learn something new every day.  My first student was my younger sister who is eight years younger than me.  I had the greatest time teaching her to read and write.  Professionally, I began teaching at Providence School in 1999.  I moved to St. Johns County in 2001 teaching Pre-K at Crookshank Elementary.  My oldest daughter and I became Cardinals in 2005.  I have taught Pre-K, first, and second grade.  But most of my time has been in kindergarten.  Though I have loved every opportunity, kindergarten is where I hang my heart! 

     Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my amazing family.  My husband works for St. Johns County Fire Rescue.  He is known by many of the students as “Fireman Andy”.  He definitely gets his days in volunteering at CCE.  My oldest daughter, Rachel is currently a junior at UCF.  She is also living her life-long dream working full time in Harry Potter world at Universal Studios.  My daughter, Shelby is a full time Cardinal and will be entering fourth grade this year.  My son, Drew is entering first grade.  We are active in our church and enjoy many extra-curricular activities.  Shelby loves ballet and Jazz dance.  Drew loves to play baseball and soccer.  I have such a blast coaching his soccer team. 

I truly feel blessed to have my home family and my school family to fill my days!