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Golf Squad

Golf Squad Wednesdays 1:45-2:45 p.m.

***NEXT SESSION STARTING April 7th, 2021***



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Golf Squad On Campus at Cunningham Creek Elementary is offered as an after school club and allows students to socialize with peers on campus while obtaining a far superior golf education than today’s average golfer.  Students meet once a week with a Golf Professional for the duration of the course.

Everything needed to participate for on campus classes is provided (all instructional equipment, Golf Squad Handbooks, training equipment, junior golf clubs, etc.) and each student receives a Golf Squad Handbook and hat or visor to keep.  Our Readiness Policy does encourage all students to have a least one club and a putter at home to practice with if possible.

Registrants receive a weekly email detailing what students are learning.

Simply register, show up and build the foundation to enjoy golf for a lifetime!

Golf Squad Flyer for More information click here Registration Information