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***NEW 2021-2022***

Starting in October


3:00-4:00 PM



2:00-3:00 PM



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What is the “Ready, Set, Act!” Program? 

Florida Film Academy’s “Ready, Set, Act!” is an after-school enrichment program in the St Johns County School area for students grades 1 through 5.

Students learn acting skills through exciting scripts, scenes, improv, speech, movement and games.  The program focuses on stage and film acting fun, while introducing important life skills like speaking in public, self confidence and working as a team. Students will know what to expect every week as our 1-hour class is broken into (5) different segments with great themes!

These 1-hour classes are fast paced, interactive and engaging!

At the end of May, a “Year in Review” will be held for family and friends.

Why Acting? Acting classes not only have physical, emotional, and social benefits, they also:

• Build Confidence

• Improve Listening Skills

• Feed the Imagination

• Encourage Thinking on the Spot

• Improve Communication Skills

• Foster Collaboration & Cooperation

• Develop Strong Reading Skills

• Advance Speech Articulation

• Increase Focus & Concentration

• Promote Teamwork & Socialization

• Provide a Forum for Fun

• And…it’s a Blast!