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Student Lunch Accounts

The St. Johns County School District uses a computerized meal count system for breakfast and lunch. All students have a PIN (personal identification number), which will remain the same throughout his/her elementary career. Every student who is currently registered will bring a card with his/her number on it to the cafeteria everyday.

Please help your child learn his/her number as soon as possible. This allows the lunch line to move more efficiently. Students may not use someone else’s number for meals. If a student doesn’t have money in his/her account, then he/she may not use his/her sibling’s number for the day. The computerized system will only allow one $2.80 lunch per student each day. Any more items will be charged at the a la carte rate.

Students are encouraged to pre-pay for lunches, as this makes for a smoother operation in the cafeteria line. Lunch money is collected daily. Please send lunch money in an envelope marked with the student’s name, PIN, grade and teacher’s name. This assures that the money is credited properly in the cafeteria accounts.

The lunch money will be collected from the teachers and brought to the cafeteria manager to credit the child’s account. Students may NOT borrow money from the office if his/her account has been depleted. The computer will allow the student to debit a lunch for two days. Parents will be notified of the debit by way of note from school, a hand-stamp or a telephone call.

Parents may request a printout of his/her child’s cafeteria account by sending a note to our Cafeteria Manager. Please expect a reply within 24 hours. If you have any questions about your child’s lunch account, please do not hesitate to contact our Cafeteria Manager at 547-7867.

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